Participated in KoNECT International Conference 2019 and had a fulfilling meeting with Director of Care Rare Program in Korea.

In mid-September when the remaining heat is still severe, Dr. Akira MYOUI (Director of the Center for Medical Innovation) Dr. Daisaku NAKATANI (Vice Director of Center for Global Health), Dr. Chisa Tabata (Center for Global Health) and a CGH secretariat participated in KoNECT International Conference 2019 at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, Korea, where a little cooler than in Osaka.

This time, on the afternoon of the second day of the conference, in the session 6 of ‘Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT): Now is the time to pivot session’, Dr. MYOUI presented a talk under a title of “Infrastructure of IIT and Translational Research in Japan including Government”, during that speech, he introduced efforts on Osaka University Hospital such as IIT as well as on translational research projects implemented across Japan that have been supported by AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development) , funding agency.


After the conference, in a separate conference room at the same venue, We had a meeting with Director of Care Rare Program, Prof. Sin Gon Kim (Korea University Anam Hospital), Prof. Sihoon Lee (Gachon University Gil Medical Center) and Assistant Prof. Cheol Ryong Ku (Yonsei University Severance Hospital) about possibilities for collaborative research in the field of rare diseases for approximately 2 hours, It was a valuable time for us to learn about the new rare disease consortium efforts in Korea.

Hopefully, we will conduct collaborative work for rare disease between our and their consortia, leading to accelerate research and development for this area.

As an additional information, "Dr. Myoui had an interview from KoNECT International Conference as one of further reference to make KoNECT International Conference even more fulfill" please look forward to the updated KoNECT website!


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