An Explanatory Meeting for Medical Entrepreneur Program was Conducted.

On May 22nd, 2019, we conducted an explanatory meeting for an entrepreneur program focusing on researchers especially in medical field at the Center for Medical Innovation and Translational Research building. We operate this program as a branch of the program, Research Studio that is organized by Tsukuba Clinical Research & Development Organization, T-CReDO.

Those who are related to the program from Tsukuba University, Osaka University Venture Capital (OUVC), and researches who are willing to launch a new business participated in the meeting. Strengths of this program include: 1) focusing on medical field, 2) collaborating with SPARK program that is translational research program managed by Stanford University. Besides, participants registered to the program from Osaka University could be also supported by OUVC that is a venture capital, indicating that the participants could have a potential for expand their product not only to across Japan but also overseas with seamless supports including mentoring as well as budget through the program. At the meeting, there were 5 presentations in various field, cancer, dermatology, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and psychiatry.

It is challenging with high hurdle for researchers to launch a new business, because in addition to their research, they need newly to study “business” that might be opposite to science they have done. However, it seems to be common process in overseas in comparison with Japan. We would like to support the researchers to achieve great success for their startup throughout this program.

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