(3rd Seminar report)Academia Clinical Development Seminar

The 3rd Academia Clinical Development Seminar was held on October 2, 2020. This time, we welcomed two lecturers from Co-Creation, Osaka University and held in a two-part program.

In the first section, Dr. Yukio Fujisawa, Senior Research Manager, Intellectual Property Strategy Section, Innovation Division, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University gave a lecture titled "Intellectual Property Strategy of Academia."

Firstly, he stated that when we deepen the knowledge of intellectual property of academia, it is important to recognize the difference between intellectual property of academia and that of enterprise. He clarified the difference between them; the intellectual property of a company is originally supporting for its business management and is directly related to its business activities while academia’s is a by-product of researchers' academic research. He also stated that to present their own research results in public without legal protection procedures can lead to their own disadvantages. He added that it is important to complete the procedures for protecting intellectual property rights before external publication if the research results are of significant value.

Next, he showed us actual results of patent applications at Osaka University with numbers and figures. We have found that more than 450 new invention forms are submitted each year, mainly from Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Engineering. He also mentioned the trends of our university and other universities in Japan in the world university rankings.

Moreover, he explained following points including actual cases in the past.

●Actual performance of technical transfer of intellectual property

●Intended patent protection in the medical field

●Actual number of acceptance of rights to use clinical research data

Lastly, he concluded the lecture by describing expectations and challenges for intellectual property in academia. He answered inquiries such as how to expand the patents to overseas, target countries and precautions for handling research results.

In the second section, Dr. Eiichiro Okuda, head of Intellectual Property Strategy Section, Innovation Division, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University gave a lecture titled “Points of attention of industry-academia collaboration contracts and System of Co-Creation Bureau”

He explained Non-disclosure agreement and joint research contract with frequently asked questions and past trouble cases. Since handling of research results is very important issue for academic researchers, we felt assured knowing that the experts from Co-Creation Bureau would support the researchers. We also found that it is important to consult them anytime.

We are planning to conduct the fruitful seminars to acquire necessary knowledge in creation of academia originated medical technology and global clinical research for the purpose of practical use.

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